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High cholesterol levels (above 5 mmol/l) is a risk factor for atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease — 37%. adults, and among women more common problem. Every fifth adult Belarusians have never Prostalgene measured cholesterol level! However, as pascalina there are fewer and fewer (if among 18-29-year-olds — 11%, age 60-69 — 60%), but in any case, few of us monitor this indicator regularly, and this means that it does not take appropriate measures for its reduction. Low levels of “good” cholesterol in 28% of men and 38% women, indicating a high risk of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. “To control cholesterol through diet is difficult, but with a leg, perhaps, — said the Deputy Director on organizational and methodical work of the Republican scientific and practical centre “Cardiology” Alexander PACEE.

An important Prostalgene place

is given and physical activity but remains the primary drug treatment, group of Prostalgene called Stacy. The Polish colleagues have shown that this decrease can only be achieved through drugs, not diet. And we have, as shown by the STEPS, the proportion of those who regularly takes Stacy for the prevention and treatment of 3 per cent. (in the older age group by about 10%)”.Prostalgene

About 13 percent of Belarusians have a high 10-year risk of developing cardiovascular disease.One or two risk factors are 49% of men Prostalgene and 58% of women three to five factors, 48 and 34%, respectively. Thus, 60% of the population in need of preventive advice and monitoring.

Five servings every day Prostalgene

Only a quarter of respondents daily consume enough fruits and vegetables to five servings. Portion (your choice) Apple, banana, carrot, Bulgarian pepper, a piece of watermelon or melon. 7 percent of our Prostalgene people in a typical day does not apply at all no fruit, no vegetables!

Ordinary Belarusians consume on average about 10g of salt a day, and safe minimum — 5 g of Salt we received not only during dalvana products that we cook ourselves, but also with the products of industrial production. By the way, the program “Health of nation” it is assumed that reducing the amount of salt in the food, industrial, Deputy Director of the Scientific-practical center Prostalgene of hygiene Ekaterina FEDORENKO. As for alcohol, 53 percent. of respondents (65 per cent. men and 42 percent. women) had consumed alcohol in the past 30 days, 20% used it in the past 12 months. Most interesting is that the fundamental difference between alcohol consumption between rural and urban does not exist.

While the other women?

9 out of 10 women (90%) indicated that they had ever been screened for cervical cancer. “But we need to move to a new way of carrying out this research, adds medical oncologist multidisciplinary group in the organization of screening and early Prostalgene diagnosis of cancer of the division of cancer of the Republican scientific-practical center of Oncology and radiology name of the Lord.M. Alexander Vitaly AERYN. — It will be a new way of drawing, and later attach and testing for human papillomavirus”.

In recent decades the country has Prostalgene seen the growth of cancer.Prostalgene

On the one hand, better diagnostics, and, on the other, of course Pastrana. However, the important role played by the prevalence of Smoking, alcohol abuse, obesity and low physical activity.But in the case of drugs, the restriction of distribution is required, said the Chairman of the Permanent Commission of healthcare, physical culture, culture, Prostalgene family and youth policy of the house of representatives of Lyudmila MAKARINA-KIEBACK. “We have limited distribution of psychoactive substances, she said. And I believe that when smartfactory analysis and active work, we will get a positive result.”

Under Prostalgene the supervision of narcologists are now 15 thousand minors

Under the supervision of doctors-psychiatrists-narcologists are now almost 15 thousand minors. Those who do not have the most dependence, but demonstrates a problem behavior and has increased risk to become addicted to certain substances. Preventive care of this kind includes the direct supervision of a Prostalgene physician and does not entail any legal consequences. The syndrome of dependence on alcohol, drugs or substances have nenarcoticakih 33 minors.

As noted in the centre of mental health in the past five years, Prostalgene these numbers are reduced. Growth was observed only in 2015 due to a surge in the spread of spice. In General, if in 2013, 70 percent of minors used the DAY in 2014 there were less than 50, and in 2015 even less. Synthetic is still popular, and is distributed via the Internet, which is a Prostalgene well know law enforcement. Thanks to their efforts over the past two years, suppressed the activity of more than 200 online stores, with Belarus limited access to site 41, blocked, nearly a thousand e-wallets.

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