Than suffer the Belarusians?


If not for this study, we thought that in rural areas drink more than in the city.Why is this not a reason for further research, and meanwhile in the country for the first time assessed the prevalence of risk factors of noncommunicable diseases in the methodology of the world health organization. Participants of the STEPS were about 6 thousand Belarusians aged 18-69 years, from all regions, including in rural areas. This is the first attempt to accurately assess the main causes related to the development of cardiovascular system, oncological diseases, diabetes mellitus type 2 the use of tobacco and alcohol, Gradinaru, unhealthy diet, overweight and obesity, high blood pressure and blood glucose and blood lipid, the average population intake of salt and protein.

Smoke residents

29.6 percent. of our population smokes, and 9 of 10 a day. Among men — 48%, and among women 12.6%.Most smokers have been in the countryside and in the age group 30-44 years (one third!). Join this pest of the classes, as usual in 16-17 years. 99 percent consume factory cigarettes, 2.5 percent.

Respondents pointed to the cigarette 0,6 — smokes a pipe, and a 0.7 share and charily. Approximately 1 percent. uses a system of electronic Smoking, and in the age group 18-29 years of fans by as much as 11 percent. Electronc not published with the accounts of about 4% of smokers of conventional cigarettes.


“Every fifth Belarusian exposed to passive Smoking at work and at home, — says the head of the Department of public health national center of hygiene, epidemiology and public health Olga BARTMAN. — It is sad that people suffer, who did not choose tobacco, chosen because healthy the rapids of life. And these people need to be protected because they, too, are at risk for the development of these diseases, which develop under the influence of tobacco smoke”. http://muchwaybetter.info/prostalgene-first-stacy/

We ignore the blood pressure meds?

98% of respondents indicated that they conducted measurement of blood pressure. 45 percent of our people have raised more than 140/90 mm Hg. articles, blood pressure. Among them are those who know about their hypertension, but only half of the men who need to take medication to reduce pressure, they do it. Among women, the proportion of motivated slightly higher — 65 percent. Low adherence to treatment in rural areas.

High blood pressure is closely associated with risk factors such as tobacco use (Smoking cessation reduces the pressure to 5 mm Hg. article V.), alcohol (an hour after eating blood pressure in a healthy person increases by 5 mm Hg. tablespoons, and in a patient with arterial hypertension — 10), overweight, poor diet-including excess salt in the diet.Restriction of salt in the diet reduces the pressure to 5 mm Hg. St. SL. and increases the effectiveness of therapy.

Where does the waist

60 percent of the population is overweight and 25% obese. After 45 years the problem is only growing. Obesity occurs already at 36%, and after 60 years is 42. According to the chief freelance endocrinologist of the Ministry of health Alla SHEPELKEVICH, very dangerous to the health of the so-called userline obesity (when fat accumulates in the internal organs, which is closely connected with the development of hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus type 2, cancer pathology). To prevent this, waist size, if you are a woman, should not exceed 80 cm, and 63% women) and 94 cm if you are a man (more the importance of 42 percent. individuals, sexes). And after the age of 45 years, these figures are even higher: 56% among men and 82% among women.

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